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Hot Video: Bold Driver Hurls 4 Nigerian Armed Robbers With Weapons To The Police Station

There have always been different forms of debate in the country about the kind of people behind the many armed robbery cases in Ghana. Among all the countries whose nationals live in Ghana, the name of Nigeria stands tall when it comes to criminal activities. Most of their nationals have over the years been arrested and are serving various terms in jail. A perfect example is the Nigerian young men who killed the four girls in Takoradi after kidnapping them.

Even though some of them are distinct with exceptional characters, others are mostly associated with armed robberies, kidnapping, and many other criminal activities. There are however other instances where Ghanaians have also been arrested for various forms of crimes. Some four men with Nigerian backgrounds have been grabbed by the police for holding heavy weapons.

Their motive for holding the weapons is unknown, but the obvious reason for going for an armed robbery operation cannot be overwritten. A Ghanaians driver whose identity is being hidden for security reasons picked four passengers from Madina in the Greater Accra Region to Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana. Three of them occupied the back seat whilst one was with the driver in the front passenger seat.

As the driver was hurling them safely to their destination, the four Nigerians started speaking and the one on the front seat was chatting with his phone. The observant driver after monitoring their conversations realized that even though they had dressed as if they were going for work with a bag, they had criminal intentions.

The bold driver started thinking about his life and the life of whoever the four were going to attack. When he got to Kasoa, the driver moved straight to the police station on top speed and informed officers on duty to search the passengers in his vehicle. After a thorough search, guns, knives, and other weapons were found on them. They were subsequently arrested.

The guns and other weapons are a clear indication that the four Nigerians were going for armed robbery operations or had completed one. The driver was very observant and did a good job many would have ignored. All drivers must pay attention to little details like these and look out for nearby police stations. They could save more people than what is happening in the country recently. The security agencies must as well look out for these foreigners who are living in the country illegally and ensure they are sent back to their various countries for good. Watch the full video here

Content created and supplied by: BeaNana (via Opera News )

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