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LPG has no smell- Be Informed Today Of What It Is You Smell

Today, I plan to share with you a very interesting piece of information, one that has eluded most of us for a very long time. Liquified Petroleum Gas(L.P.G) is a very useful component of crude oil that is made up of mainly propane and butane. These two gases are odourless by nature, and that should mean you would be unable to detect their smell in any case of a leakage. Just imagine what that would mean_ an undeniably dangerous and life threatening situation for almost everyone. So how is it possible you and I are able to detect a leakage? And what is it we tend to smell if indeed these gases are odourless? What you smell is an additive that is combined with LPG in order to alert you of a possible leak_ the additive is referred to as " Ethyl Mercaptan" or mercaptan for short. Next time you happen to notice that pretty strong smell likened to the scent of rotten eggs, just remember it is mercaptan alerting you.

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