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I will take Nana Agraada to court; victim warns.

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Agraada today, Agraada tomorrow, Agraada forever. News about Agraada is everywhere. We wonder if a moment like this will pass by.

We don't need to go back to how events unfolded. We all have a better understanding of the situation at hand. One thing that we can not overlook is the victims of injustice. By this, we are talking about those who gave their monies to Agraada all in the name of "sika gari".

First of all, Agraada was not arrested because of that, rather it was her unlicensed Tv station that got her in trouble. However, people are bashing Agraada saying that she should pay back the monies she cunningly took from those who wanted lots of money due to greed.

Realistically, it looks like the people's attention is not on that for now. A woman who claims to have been cheated by Agraada has posted on her Facebook page saying, "I will go to any length to take you to court. You can't defraud me and go scot-free." Her resentment has sparked interest in that aspect as well.

If this woman takes this matter seriously, that means Agraada could go to jail the second time. Whether or not this woman files a lawsuit against Agraada, it will be wise on the part of Agraada to compensate them before matters get out of hand.

What's your take on this matter? Do you think the victims should forfeit the money that went into Agraada's coffers? Let's hear your opinion.

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