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Woman threatens to raise curses on a 35-years-old man at Bonsu Gate, Kumasi

Woman threatens to raise curses 35-years-old man at Bonsu Gate, Kumasi

Florence Boateng has threatened to call the gods of Nyamah and Antoah on a man she was willing to get married to. Florence and Ntim have been friends for three years and never did she sensed she was been played. Ntim when she met Florence, was already married but could not bring his marital status to the woman because of his interest in her. Florence was looking for a car on the 16 of January 2018 when Ntim pulled in front of her to assist her. It was raining heavily that evening and Florence miscalculated her duties at the office and became trapped by the rain. Florence couldn't get a commercial bus to transport her home and neither was she getting a taxi because of the rain. Ntim coming from afar noticed the way the raindrops were dressing Florence and pulled in front of her to assist her.

Florence and Ntim from the 16 of January 2018, been doing everything together and never did Florence knew that Ntim was married. Florence has always dreamt of going to the ultra with Ntim to the point of sending him to meet her parents and all her family members. Ntim also did the same thing for Florence by sending her to meet his parents, but the mother of Ntim got pissed when Florence showed her face there. Ntim had lied to the mother that, Florence was just a friend of a classmate and she was there to help him since the wife was away.

The wife of Ntim who arrived in Ghana on 15 March 2021, made life unstable for Ntim to point of following him to places without the consent of Ntim. Ntim because of his wife's attitude she was showing, seized to visit Florence abd based it on travelling to another place for a workshop. Ntim made Florence believe he was going outside to South Africa for a program. Florence was there on Saturday when Ntim came clean to her of his marriage and children. Never did Florence knew Ntim could do such a thing to her. Florence has given Ntim up to Friday 16 April 2021, to change his mouth or she will curse him and his entire generations for the pains he has given her.

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