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Police men in trouble as Dampare descends on them after involving themselves in these activities

Ghana police are doing well these days and are getting credit for their food works. The praises which Ghanaians are showering on them are praises that they think they deserve for their good work. In every business or every sector in the country, there are men who do evil and vice versa.

This is why the Ghana police aside taking down criminals are also seeing to it that they don’t have bad nuts among them.

The Ghana police service have begun investigations into some police officers who allegedly broke the law and the police conducts

The inspector general of police have begun unannounced visits to some police departments in the country. Aside this, he has started investigations into some police men at Begoro who were involved in some illegal and law breaking activities.

The Ghana police have released a statement confirming their decision to investigate these police officers.

The mindset that the police protect their own whether good or bad is vanishing from the system as the IGP is trying his best to flush all incompetent and corrupt officers from the system.

The letter which was released by the Ghana police as they request that Eastern regional police look into the patter has been published online and Ghanaians are happy about it. It is fine for us to not only look at arresting criminals but also stopping their activities.

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