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Can we learn from this? Rare honesty makes Ghana policeman GHC 11,000 richer

A Ghanaian police officer by name Constable Prince Fordjour has made a lot of Ghanaians especially the police proud. The gentleman in question became GHC 10,000 richer simply by being honest. Constable Fordjour found a sum of GHC 2000 cedis near a bank’s atm and did what most wouldn’t do. He returned the money and because of this rare honesty he is now GHC 10,000 richer.

Constable Fordjour found 2000 cedis physical cash near an ATM machine in Abeka. The ATM belonged to Stanbic bank. With no one in sight, the constable could have decided to pocket the money but didn’t and instead reported the incident to his boss known as Chief Superintendent Theodore Hlormenu.

The rare honesty Constable Fordjour displayed surprised his boss, the head of the Ghana police and the bank in question that they decided to reward him. For his reward he became 11,000 cedis (5000 cedis came from the Ghana Police Service and 6,000 cedis from Stanbic bank) richer instead of the 2,000 he would have gained if he kept quiet.

According to the Ghana Police Service, the reward was not because he returned GHC 2000 cedis but the fact that he displayed what their motto is all about (service with integrity). In this day and age where everyone especially the police have become so corrupt, it is surprising to see not all of them are like that. It is interesting but important to see that there is honesty. Although it is scarce, there is still some in existence. We can grow it, multiply it and have it in abundance once again.

The police constable didn’t just gain wealth from his rare honesty but fame and we can let his fame motivate us to do the right thing. Here is what Ghanaians have been saying about the actions of the young man. Read and share your thoughts as well. What do you think of his actions? Would you have done same? Would you have been tempted to keep the money? I would love to read your views and opinions. Please share this post to reach all Ghanaians. Let good deeds (good news) spread just as much as bad news spread if not more. Thank you.

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