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Public Notice To All Drivers & Those Who Drive In The Night - New Strategy Adopted By The Criminals

Security is very important in every aspect of life. It is something that we don’t joke with. In every country security is their priority. Due to that the military, fire service, immigration, police, prison, and all the national security branches put measures in place to combat criminals.

In the same way, criminals also adopt or advanced themselves by bringing new strategies they can also penetrate without been caught. It is a hide and seeks game.

In recent news, the criminals have adopted another strategy they used to rob drivers in the night. Not to keep mute about this new trend we want all the drivers and those who drive in the night to be aware so that you will not fall victim.

This has been going on in Nigeria and most of the drivers are now aware but what about Ghana. Is it known to most of the drivers and those who drive at night? That is why am here to share with you.

What they do is that they will throw the egg to hit your windscreen when driving in the night. Be aware don’t stop. Secondly do not operate the wiper to clean the egg or spray water. When you try to wipe your windscreen with water it will mixed the egg and becomes milky which will block your vision up to 92.5%. From there will stop because you can’t see any more then you will fall into the trap of these criminals.

This is a new "method used by criminals, so please enlighten your friends and relatives. And most importantly do not be selfish by refusing to share this message".

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