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10 High Security Prisons In The World That Are Impossible To Break Out Of It

If you have watched the series "Prison Break", you will understand what it was entails in breaking out of prison. High security prisons are hard to break out or let me say they're impossible to break out. The break out in these kind of prisons only happens in movies.

These are some of the high security prisons around the world that are impossible to break out.

1. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary (USA)

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary is located 2km off the shores of San Francisco. Even if you manage to break out, what about the swimming? It's like an island surrounded by waters. It has housed prisoners like Al Capone, Whitney Bulger and Rafael Miranda. There has been fourteen attempts of escape and only five of them were unaccounted for. They were presumed to be dead.

2. La Sante Prison (France)

It's one of the popular prisons on Earth which is situated in Paris city. Even though it's located in a city but has effective structures that are impossible to break out thanks to the architects.

3. ADX, Florence (USA)

This is a prison whereby there is a total lockdown. It's hard for prison to get access to sunlight. The prisoners are locked in their cells the whole day.

4. Arthur Road Jail (India)

It's the largest and oldest prison located in India. No prisoner has ever escaped from this prison.

5. Fuchu Prison (Japan)

Fuchu Prison is located in Tokyo and has hosted World War II prisoners. Some notorious criminals have also been hosted in this prison.

6. Federal Correctional Complex (USA)

It is a maximum security centre which makes good use of technology in it operations. It has surveillance cameras, biometric locks, facial recognition and so on.

7. Camp Delta (USA)

This facility houses criminals that are considered high priority by the US government. Part of it is operated by the armed forces.

8. HMP Belmarsh (UK)

The inmates in this prison include dangerous and violent ones. However, it's impossible to break out because of its high security.

9. Tadmore Military Prison (Syria)

It's one of the hardest prison to survive in. It's in the middle of a dessert. There's only one way to get in or out which is a tunnel.

10. Qincheng Prison (China)

It's located in the Changpin District of Beijing with over 5000 security personnel guarding the most notorious prisoners in the country.

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