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Check out why you should limit eating these foods. They are harmful to the body

Food is any nutritious substance that we eat or drink in order to maintain life and growth. As human beings as we are, it is needful for us to be cautious of the kind of foods we take in. It is the food we eat that makes us because food is medicine and it is supposed to be selective and with vigilance. These days, most of the foods we eat are not organic which one way or the other contains less nutrients one is supposed to get.

There are specific kinds of food we buy outside that it is better we prepare it at home if only we desire to eat. There are chemicals they use to cook such foods and those chemicals are not good for human consumption. They can harm the liver, kidney and heart which play pivotal role in the body.

Note that, this is not to destroy any food business but to create awareness so that we become cautious and not fall victims. Food vendors must also be careful of every decision they take while preparing their food because it is the lives of human beings they are dealing with. These foods are sumptuous delicacies we can't live without since it is our local foods but we should cook it without adding any substance to it.

Below are the foods we should limit it's intake or better still desist adding chemicals to it while preparing it. It is safe to eat and nutritious if only we don't add any chemicals while preparing it.

1. Cow skin (Wele)

Most people like this meat a lot as they use to prepare most of delicacies. It was revealed that many people use paracetamol to boil it so it becomes soft and heavy. What we should know is that, continuous overdose of paracetamol has a dangerous effect on the kidneys and liver. There can be kidney stones and other ailment for increase intake of paracetamol. It is therefore advised that, if you will take 'wele' then it must not to be boiled with paracetamol.

2. Rice and Beans (Waakye)

A lot of people love eating this food because of how nutritious it is. But what we should not is that, eating waakye is not bad at all and it gives a lot of nutrients. But the question here is what kind of chemical that is added to while preparing. Many people add a lot of salt petre while boiling the beans so that it cooks well. This is a very bad habit because salt petre is very harmful to the body. Continuous taking it will harm the system causing a lot of diseases.

3. Kenkey

Another delicious local dish we don't play with. It was once brought to light that people add so whitish chemical which looks like powdered salt petre to boil the kenkey so that it becomes soft. This is very bad and toxic as well. It can cause kidney failure and other associated complications. For the benefit of doubt, you must prepare it yourself at home and eat since that looks safer.

4. Okro soup or stew

Okra is rich in essential vitamins that is beneficial to the body but how to cook it makes it less effective. Some chemicals are added to the okra before boiling so that it becomes more slippery. Such act is very bad and harmful to the body. Do not engage in such act because they kill gradually without noticing it.


The above mentioned foods are very good and toxic free. They are very nutritious and help the body a lot. The only thing that spoils everything is the kind chemicals added to it before cooking. Thank you.

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