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Sad: Commercial Driver Targeted And Shot By Armed Robbers In Road

A commercial sprinter driver has been shot dead by armed robbers on a road in the Pru East District of Ghana

The year 2021 has been another bad one coupled with the issues of armed robbery attack every now and then. It's either a driver gets attacked late at night or a business centre gets robbed.

One general thing that has been realized in these cases is that, the culprits no longer mind whether it's daylight or not, all they are interested in is that, they get to execute their plans fruitfully.

One may ask what is actually motivating criminals who used to be night operators turn into "hard cores" who no longer fear whether people are around or not, but all they care of is that, they have guns in their possession with which they can scare people away with.

Looking at the way these incidents are rising, it's high time our security agencies double up their activities and put in new and revised techniques to outweigh that of the criminals as the rate at which people are being killed is becoming unbecoming.

A video trending online has it that, a commercial driver for a sprinter has been shot dead by armed robbers from only God knows where while traveling on a road in the Pru East District.

The scene that has attracted a lot of people looks very sad. The car is seen to contain farm produce implying most of the people on board were market women travelling to sell their foodstuffs.

According to some people around, this road since somewhere some years back has been prone to armed robbery attack and till today there has been nothing done about it which is a great concern if theirs as they have lost a lot of loved ones through this.

Some are even mentioning the fact that they the drivers are not happy and if this is not attended to as soon as possible, they will all give up in the driving business.

This is a great call for action as the security persons must be charged to look into these occurrences and do something immediately about it to prevent more lives from being executed. Those behind it must be apprehended and put to book.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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