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Father Allegedly Burns His 3 Year Old Baby For Disrespecting Him.

At Obuasi Ahansoyewodea in the Obuasi East District of the Ashanti region, a man believed to be Togolese allegedly caused severe burns to his three-year-old daughter.The girl was disrespecting him and showing reckless behavior at home, according to the 35-year-old father who put her in hot water.

According to Isaac K. Normanyo of Adom News, the accused initially ignored narrating what happened to the little girl, instead lamenting the fact that his child obeys the mother and ignores his commands.The bruises on her body are not because she is sick, he admitted later.

Her mother taught her not to love me, and now she avoids me when I ask her to do something or take something for me,” he told an Adom News reporter.

This is not fair for a man to do that to his own son.

She will come closer to eat if I have food right now, and she will release them on herself if she needs to attend to nature's call or urinate,” he added.He explained to the reporter that the child has been living with her mother in Togo while he has been in Ghana for some time, which is why he wants to have some influence over her.The three-year-old is currently being treated at the Government Hospital in Obuasi.

Supt. Coledeus Adagbe, Commander of the Obuasi Division of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), told Adom News that the man has been arrested.The police have launched an investigation into the matter, according to the Commander.

Meanwhile, the area's Assemblymember, Vincent Akwesi Donkor, advised all mothers to seek support if they believe their child's father has become cold toward his or her children.

Report your husband's behavior to the police if you detect a shift in his attitude. That does not mean your husband will be arrested and killed by the police; but, if you find anything suspicious in your room and do not report it, you will be the one to suffer the consequences,” he said.

He also pleaded with the public to come to the little girl's and her mother's assistance so that they could return to their hometown after the child's care.

A young and innocent child has been hurt and it’s not fair. People or parents who assult their own child must be punish.

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