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Video Of A Man Beating A Woman In A Taxi Found On Social Media

A man is beating up a woman inside a taxi while different people who were inside were simply minding their own business and not assisting or attempting to prevent the fight from happening, the entire incident appeared like any other incident of violence against women when the man was once busy punching the lady while she was sitting in her seat.

It has been revealed that there were some phrases which had been exchanged between the two and then anyone got upset about the entire issue, and then they began shouting at one another, one thing led to another where we noticed the man get up from his seat and keep the lady by her clothes.

He then asked a number of questions that confirmed she was angry about the entire incident, and then he proceeded to punch her countless times and that is when the woman l stood up and pulled herself together, before she slaps the old man.

We noticed his hat fling off his head, and then they proceeded to keep one another through their collars where the man managed to put the woman down again, and then any other person who was once inside the taxi intervened and tried to end the fight from going further because a lot had already been done.

We don’t even understand how many laws this man has broken so far through putting his palms on a woman it is uncertain what the circumstances which led to this incident are, but whichever reason he would possibly have it is completely wrong of him to put his palms on a lady.

Such incidents are regularly punishable by jail time however when the two parties are concerned to the extent whereby both parties used bodily violence to assault one another, the case gets complex, and then the cops appear for a very realistic way of resolving the problem rather than going to the extremes.

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