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Revenge gone bad: Woman nearly killed herself as she was trying to burn her husband car (video)

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" - It simply means you pay back every deed according to how you received it. It is however not advisable to take revenge on every single thing that you go through. Sometimes, our overreaction can end us up in the most disastrous situation. The woman in this article nearly ended her life because she wanted to pay back her husband for cheating on her.

In the video which was taken by an unknown observer, the woman can be seen lighting up the car. It was later reported that she engaged in that act because her husband cheated on her.

Before lighting it up, she had already bathed the luxurious car with a highly inflammable substance, both on the exterior and interior. Not knowing that the inflammable substance had already spread throughout the car, she got as close as possible to light it up.

She was welcomed with a very powerful explosion the very moment she turned on the lighter. Luckily for her, her dress did not catch on fire. The energy released by the explosion however threw her to the ground. She quickly packed her things and left the burning SUV in the parking lot.

Watch the video with the link below;

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