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Immidiate ban On wake-keeping in Ashiam

 The chief of Ashiam, a farming town in bibiani locality Nana Yaw Manso III has expressed his concern about the importance of placing a ban on wake-Keeping in the local area. 

 Speaking in an interview with Wofa Awuku Addo, he expressed how disgusting it has been for children to indulge themselves in wake-Keeping and some other social vices like; drug abuse, fornication, murder, malice, scandal and others. He said that the foundation of national development depends on education and there is a necessity to educate the youth to churn development as a course as a nation. He cited some examples of students who don't go to bed early due to the operations of sound systems in the town. "The kind of Communication these children engage themselves in, is very disgusting and if care is not taking, the future of the nation is at stake". he said. He stressed on some of the measures to curb this problem and admitted the only way to do that, is to place a ban on wake-Keeping and the usage of sound systems right after the closure of funeral occasions.

The assembly member of Ashiam, Hon Maxwell Amponsah also threw his support for banning wake-Keeping and the use of sound systems after occasions. He said that he had a second thought of the issue before the chief and his entourage decided to do the aforementioned. He stated that, some of the music played during the wake-Keeping is disgusting, causing the children to misbehave and engaged in all sort of mannerisms. " I think this will really help to build the children as future leader therefore I support the decision of the chief. He concluded by appeal for support from the district assemblies and they are placing directives to curb the situation.

 Some of the parents and natives also expressed their concerns and support for the banning of wake-Keeping in the town.

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