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Sad: Checkout What Has Happened To This 12-Year Old Boy That Has Broken Hearts Of Family Members

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The recent heartbreaking news that has undoubtedly sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms is that of an innocent 12-year old boy as family members can’t stop grieving.

Every parent’s dream is to witness their children grow up to become responsible adults which however motivates every guardian to put all hands on deck in other to put their respective wards through proper education.

The story of this 12-year old boys isn’t different as his parents took the privilege to give him a proper training aside putting him through school but the unexpected happened.

According to recent report by Adom Television, even though the 12-year old boy was known to be very intelligent when it came to academics considering his age at a Senior High school, his lifelong dream was cut short after he encountered a bad company whilst in school.

The 12-year old who was a freshman in a secondary school in Lagos, Nigeria unexpectedly met the wrath of some cult members after boldly rejecting the enviable opportunity to join their group as a freshman.

With respect to this, the victim was beaten mercilessly by his seniors who were part of the cult group which he unexpectedly kept a secret from his parents, friends and teachers.

After several complaints lodge by the 12-year boy about his health whilst in school, the officials of the institution reported the case to the victim’s guardians for the proper medical treatment to be offered but the unexpected happened.

Upon several examinations, the 12-year old victim finally opened up in the hospital after he was declared to die since the doctors couldn’t save him due to how his condition had escalated.

It was time at dying minute in the hospital that the 12-year old victim disclosed his sad ordeal to his parents which brought more pain, anguish and uncontrollable tears to the boy’s guardians.

Luckily, the 12-year old boy was able to mentions names of five of the culprits who beat him up mercilessly for not willing to join the cult group whilst in school.

The police are currently conducting a serious investigation into the most heartbreaking issue even though no suspects have been arrested yet.

What are your thoughts on the untimely death of the 12-year old boy who gotten beaten mercilessly for not joining a cult group in school even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

What advice would you give to parents who have their children at boarding schools and don jot check up on them regularly even though most individuals claim otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.

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