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Road Accident

Tanker Car Somersaulted And Fell Under A High-Tension Cable; See What Some Drivers Were Caught Doing

Sometimes, many people blame the government for disasters that happen on our streets. But most of the disasters that happen are the fault of the citizens. In Ghana, one of the mistakes people make is going too close to tanker cars that have had accidents.

A tanker car had an accident and somersaulted under a high tension cable on the road heading to Manso Keniago in the Amansie West District.

According to the eyewitness who recorded the video, their driver stopped and refused to move the car until he got the fuel from the tanker that somersaulted under the high tension.

In the video, different drivers are seen fetching the fuel from the tanker, forgetting the risk involved in doing that. The car could explode at any time since the fuel tanker car was seen under the electric cable. In my opinion, Ghanaians must be educated properly on the issue of fetching fuel from a tanker that has had an accident on the streets. Check out what Ghanaians are saying on social media.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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