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How I Think Ghana Police Can Track Down The Killers Involved In Leaked Murder Videos and Pictures

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The rate at which violence and killings are happening in Ghana is getting out of hand, hence then need to inculcate supreme technology into the Ghana Police Service to help in getting hold of murderes and evil doers in the country.

These killers through their ignorance sometimes record their deeds and massacres with their phones and they later end up getting leaked. Here is how the Police Service can take advantage of leaked massacre videos and pictures, track down the killers and arrested them.

There are tons of information embedded in videos when they are recorded. Including, Location, Time, Date and some personal information of the phone’s owner.

With the right softwares and technical systems, the phone can be ethically hacked into to access so many information including contacts, photos and messages. The IMEI of the phone can also be known by decoding the the information gathered from the embedded data in the video or picture.

You might be wondering how this is possible in case the video might be a shared video and not directly from the killer’s phone.

The answer is yes it can be done. Because the video will alway carry data of the original source. In case the police needs more assistance investigating this method, I am ready to help as a good citizen via my email; [email protected]

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