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All Ghanaian Youths Above Twenty Years Of Age Should Be Credited With 200 Cedis Monthly [Opinion]

The rate of unemployment in the country is high and it has paved way to a lot of delinquencies such as armed robberies, kidnapping, fraudulent activities, cyber crimes and a lot others. Most of these crimes done as a result of unemployment endanger the lives of the citizens and something must be come up with to eradicate it.

In my own opinion, this is what should be done by the government in other to reduce the tension of unemployment among the youths. The government should make allowance for youth empowerment in the national budget, to be directed at crediting all Ghanaian Youths with 200 cedis per month. A body should be set up to ensure that they monitor the distribution of the money and that is given to those who are willing to put it into productive angles.

By so doing, unemployment among the youths would be eradicated and the tendency to engage in crime would be reduced.

Do you agree to my opinion? Comment your reactions below and respect the fact that the contents above is a mere opinion. Thanks for your time and click the follow icon above to stay tuned for more updates from this source.

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