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The reason why "Fix The Country" is trending on Twitter

The Ghanaian youth has started a new hashtag on social media which has gained so much attention worldwide. The voices of these youth are going far and has no thoughts of fading out till they are taken into consideration. This hashtag I am talking about is the #FixTheCountry and it is about the Ghanaian youth addressing the government on spots they think needs to be tackled well so as to improve upon the standard of living of the beautiful citizens.

This message is simple. The youth claim they have been fed up and aren’t going to keep their mouths shut without voicing out their problems. They would be sick if they kept it shut for one more time.

This hashtag has been trending for a very long time on Twitter after it was initiated and the tweets coming with it are overwhelming. The person who started this whole thing is a famous Ghanaian social media influencer known as “KalyJay” and he seems to be doing good with his initiative. Though he started this movement, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got his inspiration from Twene Jonas, the US-based Ghanaian youtuber who has been making waves in the whole country with his craft.

Many people including celebrities have supported his idea and are seriously voicing out their plight on the social media by adding the trending hashtag. This trending hashtag is not aimed at attacking any party in the country but it is aimed at highlighting the problems which are bothering the citizens as well as finding a solution to them.

Just like the legendary Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said, “Ghanaians are not timid people as has been suggested in the foreign press. Far from it. They may be slow to anger, and may take time to organize and act but once they are ready, they strike and they strike hard…”, these youth are striking hard on the social media.

Trending on number on Ghana Twitter is “Fix The Country” and aside that, other hashtags which are play around the word “fix” are also trending. Below is the current Ghanaian trend list on Twitter

Looking at at, you could see all that people are asking for is we fixing whatever is wrong in this country as well as the continent.

Aside they talking about the government fixing Ghana, they are also talking about we the citizens, fixing our attitude. The attitude of some of us is so bad to the extent that thinking about it is going to give you a headache. Imagine throwing a pile of rubbish in a gutter. What do you expect when it rains?

I compiled some tweets which talk about the ongoing hashtag. Kindly take a look at them below;

1. Elvis came in by sending an awful picture of a road which had nothing but huge potholes and adding that God should help and save us. God is not going to help and save us if we don't do what is needful. The government has to come to the aid of these people.

"That Essel guy" also made a tweet talking about how the people in Accra faced challenges whenever the rains came knocking because they know there is a high probability of them experiencing a flood whenever it rains

2. "Issabella" came in highlighting a very critical issue which needs to be taken seriously. She talked about the fact that the poor nature of roads in this country is one of major factors which contributes to road accidents and it is very true.

3. "Mempeasem President" also talked about the fact that they always worry and pray for the street people in Accra whenever the rain shows signs of pouring down.

"Nungua Justin Bieber" touched on the attitude of we the citizens. It is up to us to change our mentality too.

4. "Prof. Husband Material" talked about an issue which is very sad. He claims most of the big shops in Accra Central are owned by foreigners and they pay as low as 150 to 350 Ghana cedis a month. This statement hasn't been proven to be true yet but there is surely an iota of truth somewhere.

The last tweet over here got me crying. You could see students who were learning under a tree and sadly, they were sitting on bricks. There were no tables they could put their books on, they had to improvise by using their knees as tables.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why the hashtag #FixTheCountry is trending on Twitter. What do you think about this trend? Let me know in the comment section and don't forget to follow me for more insightful news.

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