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56-year-old Grandma arrested after the death of a 4-year old child

56-year-old Grandma was arrested after the death of a 4-year old child

Eno Serwaa Amprado, the grandmother of Serwaa Gifty, a 4-year old girl, has been arrested for aiding the death of her granddaughter. Eno Serwaa Amprado who was seen crying after her arrest yesterday has since been denied bail on two accounts after the family tried getting her bail last night. She is still in the police cells of Adabodo police station helping with investigations. 

Police officer Ishamel Kafui who initiated the arrest of Eno Serwaa Amprado did so after the father of the deceased girl, Gyawu Ernest, called on the police yesterday morning to seek justice for his 4-year old daughter. Gyawu in his police complaint blamed the elderly woman for deliberately planning the death of his daughter on Tuesday afternoon.

The deceased daughter of Gyawu Ernest, Gifty Serwaa, was named after Eno Serwaa Amprado because of her direct resemblance to the elderly woman. Eno has since the birth of Gifty, been living with her until Tuesday afternoon when Gifty fell in a pond and suffocated to death.

Gifty who is a student at Adabodo Methodist DA primary school was served Rice and stew after she returned from school in the afternoon of Tuesday, and was dozing off before her grandmother Eno Serwaa Amprado carried her to bed to have a nap.

According to Eno Serwaa Amprado's defence statement to the Adabodo police service last night, Gifty was placed on the bed around 3pm on Tuesday to take her nap after eating her lunch. Eno Serwaa left Gifty while she slept and went to the farm to pick some leftover foodstuff she had kept under a Wawa tree. 

Eno before leaving the house was rest assured, her granddaughter was sleeping and will be awake after her return from the farm. Gifty nobody knew what happened to her, woke up shortly after her grandmother left for the farm and started tracing her grandmother's footsteps to the farm.

Gifty couldn't cross the pond which laid on the farm road and fell into the pond and died. Three farmers who were coming from their farm, saw the body of Gifty in the pond and tried reviving her but she was already dead. 

Ernest Gyawu when he heard of his daughter's death on Tuesday, suspected foul play in the young child's death, and after getting all his evidence together, filed a police report yesterday against Eno Serwaa Amprado for aiding the death of Gifty Serwaa.

Eno Serwaa Amprado will know her faith when Adabodo police are through with their investigations. The family believe Ernest Gyawu has a fight and unfinished business with Eno Serwaa Amprado and that has fueled him to make the case a police one. 

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