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Meet the man who only wears yellow

The man who only wears Yellow.

In Syria there's a guy who only wears Yellow. His tie, his hat, his jacket all yellow. This man has not worn anything but yellow for 40 years.

Who is he ?

Abu Zakour is his name, despite the life in Syria. Abu Zakour is still happy. He always walk in the streets and everywhere he goes with yellow. His shoes, his watch and even his phone. Everything about him is yellow. In his house everything in there is yellow.

Because of that people calls him yellow man and get noticed every where he goes. People stop him for selfies.

We asked him why is he doing that and this was his answer;

That yellow stands for joy and happiness and he always want to see happiness and joy in his life. This kind of lifestyle has made him a unique person in Syria and many people love him. He's a star that people has built a statue for him.

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