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Road Accident

A Creepy Incident My Grandpa Told Me About.

A creepy incident:

Creepy stories are always a hit, unless you are the star of one. There are hundreds of internet discussions about ghost sightings, weird sounds, unexplained incidents etc. And it’s always those personal experiences that get the most interaction.

A bus full of people was moving when the driver suddenly pressed on the brakes. 

The passengers asked him what was wrong. 

He said, “I am stopping for this old man who is waving so that he can get on the bus.” 

They all said in wonder, “We do not see anyone.” 

He said, “Look at him over there!” 

They repeated that there was no one to be seen. 

He said confidently, “Now look, he is coming to get in!!” 

Now the situation was beyond wonder, and they exclaimed, “By Allah, we don’t see anyone!!” 

Then, in an instant, the driver died in his seat.

["Laa Tahzan", Page 426 - Aydh al-Qarni].

Maybe he saw the Angel of Death, Allahu A'alam.

May Allāh grant us all a good ending. Aameen.

Content created and supplied by: Abdul_Razak (via Opera News )


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