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33 years old man in trouble for going after a "married woman" at Mamponteng.

33-year elderly person in a tough situation for pursuing a 'Wedded Woman' at Mamponteng 

Isaac Sambie has found himself mixed up with a genuine difficulty this evening, after he was gotten at a wedded man's home. Isaac Sammie is the child of Mr. Sambie, a senior, who shows been arguing for leniency for his child to be liberated, yet nothing has been done to free Isaac as of now at Mamponteng. Mampomteng is perhaps the littlest town, inside the Kwabre District of the area. It is very nearly a forty minutes drive away from Kumasi, if there are no traffic, and around One and half excursion, if traffic is set up. The town is comprised of Ewes, akans, dagombas, and Sisalas who bargains in unimportant cultivating exchanges. They are merchants who copies as ranchers, that is, their homestead produce are sold without help from anyone else on the side of the road. 

A rancher into chasing, doesn't have to go to any market, in light of the fact that the Mamponteng Market for merchants and ranchers is on the side of the road where retailers and wholesalers comes to get them. Furthermore, that has been the work in the town, each since. Efo famously known in the town, is a man who moved to Mamponteng to look for a superior life. Efo because of his persevering, was met by a trivial dealer, who gave him an affirmation of working with him and parting the cash into 70% for the man and 30% for Efo. Also, that has been their style of business since 2005. Efo will acquire the business, when the man kicks the bucket, since he has constantly assaulted the man to favor him with the business, when he is not, at this point inspired by it or needs to resign. The one who is in his 70's is solid as a stone and is in counsels with Efo to give him the business, when he resigns from dynamic working. 

Efo in 2018, had bunches of cash on him, and still didn't return home to where he came from, however chose to set an akan family in Mamponteng and call it his own family. He met Sandra, an akan lady who was an admirer of cash. Sandra that everybody in Mamponteng knew, was a lady who was just intrigued by cash, and Efo ruined her with all the cash he produced using the business, until she said yes to wed Efo. Efo and Sandra has been hitched since 2 April 2018, and awkward battles has been recorded between the two. They can here and there battle and Efo will give her all his cash, however the lady will take the cash, shut up and go through only one line prior to closing. 

Efo realizes how to quiet Sandra down, and he does that with cash, without showing his man soul, and Sandra will quiet down and end the battle at whatever point Efo ruins her with the cash. This has made Efo hearing bits of gossip about Sandra getting into mischief outside, in light of the fact that he invests more energy in the work and just returns home in the evening and leave promptly toward the beginning of the day. Efo has cautioned others intrigued by Sandra, to avoid her, however he hasn't been fruitful admonition his better half without quieting her down with cash. Efo might be objecting to his man, and that has kept him having a little one, whiles Sandra likes a major one. Efo did nothing with Sandra during their companionship, and that made him fruitful tricking her with his cash. 

Efo went to the ranch this early morning, and was gotten back to return home in the early evening, after Agya Nimo, the proprietor of the homestead educated him regarding a difficult he had in his home. Efo came from the ranch, and went directly to Agyas house and tackled the issue for him, and chose to pass by his home, if Sandra had cooked something for the kids. He had taste of going to eat, and returning to the homestead, yet was met with an abnormal sound, when he got to his windows. He went in unannounced, and Sandra and her Sambie was on his bed, doing their typical things. Efo didn't talk when he discovered them, and came outside his space to sit on the veranda. He trained his most youthful child to by him Akla from one of the Ewe food venders, which he sat before the house and ate, prior to returning to the ranch. Efo has since the time he got them around eleven AM, been very and didn't let out the slightest peep, whiles he returned to his ranch to work. 

He was in the ranch around two PM, when calls went to his telephone to get back home, however he disregarded and has since not gotten back to the house. Sambie had been doing it continually, when Efo wasn't around in light of the fact that he goes promptly toward the beginning of the day, and shows up later than expected in the evening. He was on his typical self when Efo astonished them today, and said nothing. Both has since the time Efo got them, been stacked and nothing has had the option to isolate them from one another. Efo when the dad of Isaac Sambie, Mr. Sambie called him requested only an exercise to show the young fellow that, never go close to the spouse of a wedded man, regardless of whether they have issues. 

Efo experiences since denied of experiencing issues of been a man which may have lead his better half looking for joy outside, and blamed his work of not standing out enough to be noticed for his delightful spouse. Everybody needs to eat, and that is the reason I am consistently in my homestead attempting to accommodate my family, and on the off chance that you trust I have done well to keep a spouse wonderful, and you will proceed to appreciate that whiles am battling in my work, so be it said Efo prior to hanging up with Mr. Sambie. The Ewe gathering at Mamponteng who Mr. Sambie cried to, to mediate and drive Efo to deliver his child Isaac Sambie, has requested a sum of One Hundred Ghana cedis in financial worth, three hens, three cockerels, seven guinea fowls, One bunny, two sheep, three neighborhood gin beverages and one full fat envelope as pay for Efo, in the event that they can get in the circumstance and help. 

The Ewe gathering with all due respect, clarified that, that is the thing that is utilized to satisfy a man before his soul can quiet down and if the Sambies needs their child delivered, they ought to do as such or go to the police or emergency clinic. Mr. Sambie has been guided not to make it a police case, in light of the fact that Efo hasn't done anything to him and his child, and the case was an otherworldly one that necessities understanding. Efo has since not appeared at the house, after he left for the ranch in the early evening, in the wake of getting them both. Isaac Sambie has been criticized and snickered at by the entire local area individuals, that he will take in something from this. Mr. Sambie the dad, is currently searching for the require things, when I last addressed him so his child can be liberated.

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