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Two sentenced to 40 years at Ahodwo over the death of 20-year old woman

Two sentenced to 40 years at Ahodwo over the death of 20-year old woman 

The Metropolitan high court yesterday, sentenced two men in jail for their involvement over the murder of Frema Gariba. Frema was a college student from Kumasi, but ended up in Swedru, when her man invited her for a Christmas. Frema has been living in Kumasi with her friends, and never went home when schools were closed. She stayed in Kumasi and her parents weren't worried because the friend, was the daughter of her father's neighbours. Frema's father lives and works in Tumu, and only comes to Tepa where they live, once in a while. The mother lives with the rest of Frema's siblings who are also in Tepa, whiles the father works in Tumu. 

Mr. Gariba, Frema's father is a full time Muslim but couldn't turn his wife into a Muslim and respected her religion, and gave her the full permission to worship her Christian values, after their court marriage. Mr. Gariba's neighbours in Tumu Alhaji Issah, has their elder daughter Fatima who lives and works in Kumasi. Fatima allowed Frema to move in with her, so the father Mr. Gariba can have some financial breakthrough, over the cost of renting a hostel for Frema in Kumasi. Frema in December last year met Stephen who introduced himself as Floyd, and they became social media friends. Floyd who is known in real life as Stephen, was driving a Honda Elantra when he met Frema, and that gave him luck with the woman. 

Frema trusted him in seconds after he gave her GH¢200, to use to pay for the food she was eating at the restaurant they met, at the Kumasi mall. Frema received several money from Stephen, from the December 12 to 23, 2020. Court documents revealed that, Stephen gave Frema a total of GH¢19,000 within that period. He bought her a phone which cost GH¢14,000 and the remaining GH¢5000 was for small things she asked him for, from the 12 to the 23. They met on the 10 December 2020, and Stephen invited Frema to Swedru on the 23 December, and she arrived there on the 24. They spent the holidays together and many things, they did together. Stephen gave her some things to drink, so he and his best friend Kawaawa, can use the engine of Frema together. 

Both also made her do other things which is inappropriate to share, and they left her alone. From the 27 to 30 December, Frema became a deity to the two friends, and they got whatever they wanted from her. They celebrated their success and couldn't watch Frema die there in their house in Swedru, so they brought her to Kumasi and left her around Ahodwo, to die in piece. They knew she was going to die, and needed a place people will see her when she is dead. Frema didn't last six hours, when they dropped her on the 31 December night at Ahodwo roundabout. 

Three people coming from their crossing over ceremony that night saw her, and picked her to the hospital, where she died on arrival. It took Mr. Gariba and his family eight days before they were able to find the body of Frema. The family never heard from her again when she went to the Swedru on the 24 December, and all they heard was her death on the 7 January 2021. Ahodwo police through their investigations were able to trace and arrest Stephen and Kawaawa at Swedru, and brought then to face justice on the 15 January. They were arranged before the Metropolitan Court on 18 January, and was both given seven weeks of remand, after the prosecutor pleaded for some weeks to further interrogate the case. Stephen and Kawaawa were arranged before the court on Monday, and the case was adjourned to Tuesday. 

Both pleaded for mercy and blamed it on poverty, that caused them to act in such a manner. The Metro judge on Friday 12 March, ruled that both men be made to serve 40 years in jail, for their involvement in Frema's death.

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