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There Are Causes Of Bushfire

There are lots of possible bushfire causes. They can start naturally, when lightning strikes and ignites dry plants and trees, like the golden wattle tree. But they can also be caused by people, for example, by someone not extinguishing their campfire properly

While it may sound counterproductive to the average person, controlled burns are actually the safest way to manage overgrowth and promote new, healthy growth in wooded areas, wetlands, crop fields and prairies.

which can easily catch fire and spread an uncontrolled wildfire more easily. In California, for instance, a century's worth of fire suppression has led to unprecedented tree growth in a drought area. This growth is dry, dead and ready to catch on fire easily.

With controlled Burns,California can reduce the amount of dead timber in the forests and hillsides to prevent massive wildfires like those seen in 2017 and 2018.

Conducting a controlled burn in specified areas of land not only mitigates possible outbreaks of wildfire by removing possible tinder, but it also does so by promoting the health of the soil. The burnt brush returns nutrients to the land. This leads to healthier, lusher vegetation that does not catch on fire as easily, keeping your land, family and livestock safe.

controlled burn


A controlled burn, sometimes called a prescribed burn, is the careful planning and execution of fire in a specified section of land.

Many different factors must be considered before conducting a controlled burn, including atmospheric conditions, recent precipitation rates, optimal burning temperatures and natural firebreaks such as creeks, roads, large rock walls or canyons.

The burn usually begins with a back burn, which is the intentional setting of small fires along the firebreak. This will reduce the fuel that the larger control burn will come in contact with when it hits the firebreak area, allowing it to be extinguished more easily.

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