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"This Can't happen in America": like we will sack all the workers- Twene Jonas.

Twene Jonas the brave one. The man who speaks and everyone hears. The man who does not compromise bad leadership in Ghana and africa at large. Twene Jonas is trending speedily at a greater pace as a result of the power he posses in his mouth. Twene Jonas is one of the proud citizens of Ghana based in United States of America USA.

A lot of issues has been raised against Twene Jonas. Twene Jonas has shared his point of view over the fire outbreak in the mokola market. The tragedy that happened yesterday at the makola market has got a lot of people talking. Yesterday it was reported that the first two fire service car contains insufficient water. Most Ghanaians were shocked that a whole fire service car came to spot of the outbreak without sufficient water to quench the fire. Today, the fire service company came out with a statement that Ghanaians should blame Ghana water company for not providing them with sufficient water in other for them to quench the fire outbreak on time.

Twene Jonas also has his say about the tragedy that happened at the mokola market and also address the statement made by the Fire service officers. Twene Jonas said, these are some of the reasons why Ghanaians are suffering and the country needs to be fixed. There is no way you will come to America and a whole Fire service container car will be empty. According to him 24/7 the system is working.

According to him the fire service officers shouldn't blame Ghana water company for the insufficient water in their tank but the Government needs to fix the country and provide more channels for Ghana water company in order for them to produce sufficient water.

Who are we to blame for the tragedy that happened at the mokola market, is it the government, the fire service company or Ghana water company.

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