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Road Accident

'We are on the lookout for her' - AMA manhunts for trader found selling on Lapaz Las Pamas road

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is on the hunt for a trader, suspected to be within 28 to 35 years of age, after a video clip found her endangering lives and properties on Sunday 28 November 2021. The trader, Lamisi Aboagye, identified by street hawkers on the Lapaz Las Palmas traffic light stretch, is nowhere to be found after she was caught on camera putting herself and that of pedestrians in danger on Sunday, morning to the evening.

Lamisi, on Friday 26 November, was alleged to have hinted to one of her street hawking friends of her intentions of selling some leftover bags and clothes which had been given her by one of her customers. Helena Dartey, a hawker on the Lapaz Las Palmas traffic light, where she hawks her water and beverages, lamented to the AMA's Eric Manu that, Lamisi had shown interest in that joint on Friday evening but she had no idea she was going to do that on Sunday.

We were closing and she complained about her pastries not selling as she had anticipated and decided to join one of her sisters to sell somee second-hand clothes on Sunday to generate revenue. I laughed and told her it was a risky thing to do. I thought she was kidding. I was even surprised when I saw the video myself, Helena, told Eric Manu and his investigating team. 

Eric, the lead investigator of the issue, was directed to the video on Monday afternoon before the council tasked him to find and arrest Lamisi. Eric, blamed Lamisi's lawlessness on the weekend absence of the MTTD Police officers and AMA council road security officers. On weekends, especially on Sundays, traffic is very straight and there is no traffic on the road so we don't position any council road security guard at the Lapaz Las Palmas traffic light in particular. 

The police MTTD whom our council security guards helps with the traffic, are also absent on Sundays and that is why the defaulter, Lamisi, was able to do this lawlessness activity, Eric pondered. Lamisi Aboagye, if found, will be facing the Lapaz police officers as Eric hinted of the AMA's willingness to prosecute her. 

We are on the lookout for her and where ever she is hiding, we will find her and when we do, we will make sure she pays for the damages she had caused in monetary value from the fines the court will give her. This will help deter any trader hoping to hop in her shoes and commit the same kind of atrocity, Eric hinted. 

Lamisi Aboagye ever since the video of her selling on the Lapaz Las Palmas traffic light got out, has since not been found. The video which was captured by a pedestrian on Sunday evening, November 28, places Lamisi beneath the traffic light with her goods; bags, shoes and clothes selling at One to Five Cedis, as she kept disturbing the pedestrians with the price of the goods as they used the road. 

In the video recording which the AMA is using as evidence to find and prosecute, Lamisi can be seen ignoring numerous calls by drivers to get her goods off the road to avoid accidents. One driver who almost tapped her from his car was heard telling her to respect her life. 'Fose' is not your destiny, stop trying to kill yourself, the driver was heard saying to Lamisi before speeding off. Lamisi if found, will face over One Thousand Cedis in fines and a possible jail term of up to one year.

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