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Road Accident

Are we watching aloof for something bad to happen before we act; where are the officials?

The rate at which accident cases are increasing in the country is indescribable and there must be solution to that. Though most of the incidents are as a result of the carelessness of the drivers but others are also because of the road network. The roads are too bad to the extent that, some have turned to pits. It is one of the responsibilities of the government to address such issues to prevent road traffic accidents.

Fixing of roads or construction of commutable roads is a core responsibility of the government. It was sighted in one of the reports on UTV that, there is a death trap on the Accra-Ho stretch. The road has eroded and caused a deep pit in the middle. This has caused accident but it has been there for long that nobody has attended to.

It is big hole in the middle of the road which is very dangerous when driving at night. So are there not leaders at the local assembly that can report the issue to the higher authorities for it to be solved? It is about time we stop overlooking on certain things until there is havoc before we act.

Such a big hole in the middle of the road shouldn't have kept more than 24 hours before it is solved. Where are the government officials who are responsible for roads and transports? Government must as a matter of fact expedite their effort to solve such issues before there is a mishap. The MTTD is working tirelessly to curb the issues of road traffic accidents but this is one of the things that cause the most accidents.

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