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Constructor Brutally Beats Chinese Man Who Tried To Attack Him On The Work Field- Video

A video trending online shows how a black constructor at a place that seemed like a Chinese construction company beat up a Chinese man unto the ground.

From the video, it seemed the Chinese man was the head and the constructor looks like he was updating him on the progress of the work.

The Chinese man who got infuriated at what he heard immediately started a fight with this black constructor.

The constructor also retaliated just as expected to defend himself from being harmed as the Chinese man was seen trying to hit him with a rod-like material on the stomach.

The constructor hit him to the ground and run back as those around trying to separate the two told them to stop as they were being recorded. It serves this Chinese man right as they normally tend to abuse the blacks when they are working for them.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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Chinese Chinese Man


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