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Funerals in Ghana are becoming too expensive, Ghanaians must start adopting this simple method.

Day-in-day out the world keeps evolving with new innovations and advancements emerging to help make our lives as simple as possible. One of the rising innovations we want to keep Ghanaians updated about today is Cremation. As long as humanity continue to live at the mercy of death, we're invariably going to hold funerals which makes this education imperative.

Studies have shown how costly funerals have become lately, posing major problems to families who intend giving their dead relatives simple closures. Many go to the extent of seeking loans to hold funerals only to find themselves languishing in indebtedness. This has given rise to questions like, Is it important for individuals to spend so much burying a dead body?, Must the family necessarily hold huge gatherings before burial?, Is there any cost-effective way to inter a dead body?

Sure there is. What is then? Cremation is the fast rising cheap method of giving dead people a simple closure without spending so much money. The process simply involves burning the corpse and keeping the ashes in an urn, which can be interred later. You may find this weird and bizarre, however as it stands at the moment, Direct cremation is incredibly cheaper compared to our customary funeral practices. 

Cremation doesn't require the dead body to be sent to a morgue, the family is only required to prepare the body by taking off jewellery, prosthetics and every item on the body and send to the Crematorium. There, the body will be placed in a chamber and subjected to intense heat, up to 1800° Fahrenheit, for some few hours, leaving behind ashes of the body. The ashes will be allowed to cool and then transferred to a container and given back to family. The family can decide to keep it and later hold some little funeral gathering, and the ashes can be buried anywhere an not necessarily at the cemetery. 

The cost of direct cremation is as low as $1000(6037 cedis), juxtaposing with the usual funeral practices in Ghana, the mortuary fees, grave digging, coffin, the embalming and the funeral arrangements can raise the funeral cost as high as 40,000 to 100,000 cedis which is very expensive. With the Cremation, the family won't need any morgue fees, no need to get any space at the cemetery for burial, since the ashes is keep in a simple container, small enough to be interred anywhere. 

For your information there is a Crematorium here in Ghana, in Accra to be precise but not very popular. Cremation has been in existence for long but getting steadily popular in America, Asia, Europe and some part of Africa owing to the increasing cost of holding funerals and would be of massive benefit to families if adopted, especially in this covid era where huge gatherings is quite risky.

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