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Road Accident

Drivers Exchanges Blows After East Legon Road Accident

Drivers Exchanges Blows After East Legon Road Accident 

Four drivers are causing massive traffic on the East Legon road which leads to Accra after some of them mistakenly caused a road accident this dawn. Ampaabeng is a taxi driver who loads from Legon university small gate to Okponglo. He was chartered by one of his customers, a university student who wanted to come for lectures early in the morning. Ampaabeng was on his bed when the woman called him to come to pick her from her house. He drove to the area and on his return, his car crashed a Mercedes sedan which was parked in the middle of the road. The Mercedes was navigating the roundabout at Okponglo stretch when he broke down in the middle of the road.

Ampaabeng was coming straight and thought the Mercedes was going because it had no taillights signalling of its stressed state, and that forced him to crash the car. He was in seat belts, as his passenger too was, and that saved them both from injures. Two sprinter minibus who were following each other simultaneously also caseed into the accident between the taxi and the Mercedes sedan, and their people were injured with minor injuries. This caused the two sprinter drivers to exchange angry words at each other.

The second sprinter following the first sprinter blamed him for not looking ahead, and if he did, he would have seen the accident and have avoided it. Whiles the first sprinter also blamed the second sprinter of been careless, if not following him like a chicken, he wouldn't have crashed him also. Their anger rose tension as they tried turning that into a physical fight but passengers of both cars were able to restrain the two drivers from fighting.

The taxi driver tried explaining to the two not to fight and that brought a misunderstanding between the taxi driver and the two minibus drivers. The drivers of the sprinter minibuses blamed the taxi driver for been the cause of the accident and both started giving him knocks on the head. Both the taxi driver could explain, the sprinter drivers who were fighting each other, had teamed up and given the taxi driver several punches. The taxi driver was rescued and the drivers apologised when they found out it was not him who had the problem.

The Mercedes Benz sedan driver was still sitting in his car making calls when the two sprinter drivers knocked on his tinted windows. They asked why he should drive a faulty car on the road, and the two sprinter drivers were not satisfied with the answers he gave. The man who tried to be rude to them, received two slaps in his car before he came out to fight the two sprinter bus drivers who had given him punches through his windows. This caused another tension and before passengers were able to stop the fight, the two sprinter drivers had already given the black Mercedes sedan driver numerous blows for his cause in the accident. The sprinter drivers were outrage as to why their day have to be ruined because of so reckless drivers. None of them has been arrested, though the Mercedes sedan driver has cautioned to arrest both drivers for punching him in his car. The police of Okponglo are on their way to ensure peace as a passenger have been able to restrain the sprinter drivers from causing further harm.

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