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She Told Me She Was Thirsty For Water, I Didn't Know The Water Would Take Her Life- Lady Narrates

Life creates memories every step of the way, both good and bad, which stick in our minds for a lifetime. Keshi shares her story with Media.

Keshi came from a decent family who had a good life and everything needed to live a fine life. Her life story changed when an unfortunate event happened that nearly took her life along the line she lost a girl who was thirty for water.

 Keshi reveals that she has one sibling. Until things took a turn for the worse, her family had a peaceful existence. She went through something she had never gone through before during the election violence. When conflict broke out, they all fled to a nearby church and took refuge there until it was safe to return.

Her mother sent her home to get some milk because her baby brother was often thirsty. While at home, she heard a deep sound, so she walked outside to see what was going on.

Unfortunately, the church had been set on fire by hoodlums. People started running for their lives. Some were seriously injured and many were killed. It was an unfortunate and unforgettable event.

A bunch of guys beat up the church fellows, and Keshi was hit in the stomach with a stick to the point that she passed out and was unconscious. The hoodlums fled, and she happened to be one of the survivors that ran without knowing where they would end up.

There was a small girl who was burnt to a stupor. She was in severe pain. Her clothes and flesh were burnt. She was crying for water. While they were walking, Keshi offered to get her water. She saw a river nearby and offered to carry the little one whose body was full of wounds. As she carried her to the river, she began losing her breath and she died in her hands.

She cried and was very scared. She wanted to carry her dead body to a safe place. Unfortunately, she couldn't. She had to continue running for her life. 

Luckily for her, she ran into some unknown people who rescued her and fed her. She lost her memory because of the evil incident. She later reunited with her family after 3 years. She was so happy to see her family were still alive. She thanked God for saving her life.p pp p

Content created and supplied by: Auntykuma (via Opera News )

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