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Are we safe? The route to African youth engaging in drug trafficking.

Youth, especially, in Africa have engaged themselves into irresponsible lifestyles to earn a living.

Gone are the days when people toil their blood to make properties, but in our 21St century, we have all things turned down.

Every youth wants to become rich, so that he or she can be called a renowned person in his or her society.

Africa, has youths with talents, but plans are not working for them. Yes, they have the desire to succeed. The point and fact is that, our leaders in governmental positions are drawing back the development of a country.

It creates a sad atmosphere when you see one does a government work only on two reasons; either the person has schooled with qualified certificate or the Almighty protocol has taken place.

We had no school in the olden days, but our great fathers made it. Killing, Car snatching, drug trafficking, armed robbery and any more are now ruling African countries. If you have no one in the public sector or knows no official person if office, them you live is doomed.

The youth engaging in drug trafficking is nothing to be investigated, the cause is clear. How can one watches a classmate he knew had bad grades rolls in a government job?

The killing aspect is that, they publicly show their pictures the moment they get such chances to work as government workers.

How would you feel if a mate you knew had bad grades and he or she is enrolled in one of the highest universities or working as a government worker?

The route of the youth engaging in irresponsible acts is because our leaders use both their hands and legs for money. They do not think they have people behind.

When was the last time a white person came for a loan in Africa? But Africa leaders fetches loan like bathing water from them. We are in a country where we owe other States, yet, leaders still go borrow money to buy cars for Members of Parliament forgetting we have some citizens who suffer to eat just a day.

Should our leaders continue with their behaviour, Africa will still be a developing country till Kingdom calls.



- There is corruption in the country.

- African countries lack the technical know how

- Favouritism and Nepotism in our government sectors.

- Trust in education is killing our country.

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God bless you for your time to read.

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