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Residents cries out after capturing this on camera in their backyard

This globe in which we are in is full of jaw dropping and unbelievable things but of which really happens, you wouldn't believe such unless you've experienced or seen someone going through.

Many people have been complaining of seeing bizarre and unusual things of which many do not believe. However, take a look at what was caught on camera in the backyard of some residents.

The man whose window faces directly to the backyard have been complaining of hearing noises at night but no one believed him. He one day complained of having a dream and seeing some set of witches chanting at the backyard but still, they didn't believe him.

A camera was set at the backyard to capture everything but nothing was captured that day. Now the noise grew day in day out as the alleged witches were changing locations so most of the residents heard it.

They became scared but yet still it was disregarded by the woman whom still haven't heard the noise. The camera was still there but recorded nothing.

This time, the woman went to the backyard to herself at night to take a pail (kraba) she left there for drying when she saw a set of witches and wizards chanting. You can imagine the noise, she took to her heels screaming, she even lost her way because she ran into someone's room instead of hers.

She explained what she saw. That night, she slept there because she was scared. The camera records were played and what was recorded is what you must see for yourself.

[ Picture shown between paragraph 3 and 4 above]

Truly it was a set if witches chanting, the residents now held their heart screaming "am afraid". The males in the family agreed with their wives to leave that house and rent a different one.

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