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Remember The Starving Child Who Was Saved By A White Woman? See Some Photos Of Him

When you do good and help people, one thing you should never forget is that God must visit you. The same energy you put in helping people, is the same way you will get to meet your destiny helper even without stress.

The aim of my message is, don't stop helping people because of your encounter with other people. I often hear people say that they won't help again because some folks have shut the door for others. It's really not ideal because you can never tell how your helper will appear. Will he appear wearing rags or begging for alms? You can never tell.

Do you remember the young child named Hope, who was helped and sheltered by a white woman? Would you like to see some photos of him? Then do well to scroll till the end.

According to the research made by Asantewaa, Hope's family dumped him and then a white woman decided to take care of him. She even went as far as tattooing his name on her arm. It's really obvious that the woman has been taking good care of him, because he keeps shinning as the day goes by.

See some photos of him below:

Hope's life is a testimony to all those who have given up in the different aspects of life. However my readers, I have a quick question and it goes this way;

If Hope's family resurface to claim their child, what do you think should be done?

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