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Street Fight Among Some Ghanaian Women, A Trending Shame Of Our Modern Society

If only girls know how shameless it is to fight over a man maybe this public show of bad habits will be reduced. Nothing is worse then seeing women fighting in public. fighting it is embarrassing for everyone involved along with name-calling.

Fighting in public among some Ghanaian women is now something common we now see almost on daily basis, a disgrace to the female gender that these shameless ladies fighting on the street have no home training and regard for womanhood

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When two Ghanaian women get into a fight in the public over a trivial matter, it will quickly escalate into a full-frontal public brawl, in which the women are naked and exchanging blows in front of the public.

Most of the time, these fights between women are mainly caused by a man. A situation in which these women will go toe-to-toe over the claim that one of them is having an affair with her boyfriend of the other.

Seeing grown-up women nakedly fighting in public is more than embarrassing, but these women don't seem to care. There is no place for grown-up women fighting on the street or engaging in any kind of violence in our modern society.

Fighting in public will become a phenomenon that will be passed down to the next generation, who will continue this shameful and embarrassing behaviour if it isn't stopped.

It's hurtful thing to see women fighting in the privacy of their own homes, but it's quite another to see women fighting in public while naked. It is also unfortunate that married women in our society who have children look up to them engage in these shameful and embarrassing acts.

Fighting in public appears to be a common "gutter behaviour" among some uneducated Ghanaian women who lack moral and ethical education and are not aware of the consequences of doing so.

The shameful behaviour of our Ghanaian women must be curtailed. In our Ghanaian society, there are women who are well-educated and ethical. In order to educate other women about the humiliation of fighting naked in public, these women need to form a union.

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