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Video: Coffin With Dead Body Overturns At The Entrance To The Cemetery.

Facebook is full of mind-boggling videos. In a viral video, pallbearers were seen carrying a casket to be buried at the cemetery. They were happily dancing to the rhythm of the drummers who were before them. At the entrance to the cemetery was a wooden bridge which did not look very strong. The pallbearers were deceived by its looks when the family members before them went over it without having any challenge. 

Unfortunately for the pallbearers, they got to the bridge and because of the weight of the casket and the pallbearers, the wooden bridge got broken, collapsing them with the casket cover opening.

The family members and sympathizers were amazed as to what caused the bridge to collapse. Some were saying, the corpse did not want to be buried and others said, a libation should be made before burying the deceased. However, the body was redressed and laid to rest.

Watch the video in this link

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