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Safety accident


Environmental accident

Save the environment and the earth.

Scientists have proven that the earth is the only planet for human to survive on. The earth has it own way to give us a shelter in a form of good foods, oxygen and even a stand for walking only if we keep the environment or the earth clean. Trees or planting alone can do this,it can gives us food for feeding and oxygen for inhaling. The earth is the only planet for it temperature that it contains help us. There are so many acts of human that kills the land. According to scientists, the earth will start to lose it worth by 2035-50, if human beings do not change their character or attitude towards the planet earth. This has made scientists to start checking on planet Mars for a while if possible, it will be the next planet for human to survive or leave on .

Let take a place like Africa, places like this on the planet is being misused. People of Africa don't plant but rather cut down trees, we don't keep our water bodies clean but rather we pollute, we don't keep our society clean but rather liter around and that is very bad on our side. Let us check a place like Elmina in Ghana . The people use to dump refuse at any place of their choice and not thinking at the risk that it will take against them.

When you take a look at these pictures you can clearly notice that the earth is crying 😂. These people don't even think about their healthcare and the animals that they are leaving with. Rubbers and plastics are the cause of all this. Keeping our environment clean helps us to maintain good health as human beings. Let help to save the land that we are leaving on .

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