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Road Accident

A Picture That Will Completely Change Your Perception And View About Driving A Vehicle At Top Speed.

Its one thing being involved in an accident and another surviving an accident.

To survive an accident, alot of physical factors come into play. Its includes the structural integrity of the vehicle, the availability of safety equipment like the seat belt and airbags, and whether these equipment can properly function when there is an accident.

In addition, one major factor is the speed of the vehicle. Just imagine two vehicles of same size and weight involved in a head on collision at top speed, say 100km/h, tragedy isn't it?, as against these same vehicles colliding at say 50km/h or less.

Also imagine two vehicles of totally different sizes and weight colliding at top speed as supposed to two vehicles colliding at a low speed.

It is clear the two collisions at top speed in the scenarios will end in tragedy, while the latter will have mild effect.

Now let's imagine the above scenario of a vehicle colliding into a tree or pole. At a speed of 50km/h, the driver will have a safety net of being saved by his seat belt, regardless, the impact of the crash will be felt.

At 70Km/h, the crash will be quite fatal but the probability of survival will be high, as well, serious injuries.

At 90km/h, the probability of survival will be very low and injuries will be fatal.

At an incredible speed of 180km/h, guess what will happen.

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