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GPRTU advises drivers not to raise their prices until negotiation is done with the government.

When fuel costs rise, transportation fares rise as well, but commercial drivers have been instructed not to raise their fares this time around as fuel prices go up. The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has advised their drivers not to do so as they want to negotiate with the government about the fuel prices at their scheduled meeting on November 9th, 2021.

When transportation fares rise, consumers who regularly travel by commercial vehicles blame the drivers, but they fail to recognise that the drivers' decisions to raise their fares are impacted by petroleum prices. Nevertheless, according to the Union, despite their failure to persuade the government to lower fuel prices, they are taking another chance on Tuesday to see what the government does about the fuel prices before they also advice their drivers on what they should do about the transportation fees.

Consumers have witnessed fuel prices fluctuate over the last few months. And, despite the fact that many buyers had hoped for a price reduction, they were disappointed when the price jumped once more. Many people are concerned because they believe the government should have done something about it.

According to the union, they do not want to put pressure on those who travel on commercial vehicles, and that they will do everything possible to persuade the government to reduce some of the levies on petroleum products, allowing public transit users to afford their fares. 

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union has made a wise decision, and we all hope that the government will listen to them on Tuesday and offer us all good news after the meeting. Because when the fuel prices goes up, it creates a major problem for regular Ghanaians as it means that not just transportation costs will rise, but nearly everything would as well.

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