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I Saw Him With My Eyes At The Bank; He Was Seriously Sick - Police Inspector Reveal In Near Tears.

In near tears, a Police inspector has gone viral with what he saw vividly with his own eyes after visiting the Bank. According to him, he saw a very popular Prophet at the Bank. Unfortunately, the Prophet was seriously sick. What marvelled him was the fact that, this Prophet in question is widely known for his healing powers

" I saw him sitting in a wheelchair. He was edematosed. His feet was fully swollen together with his stomach " The Police inspector narrated emotionally in a video attached to this article.

" As I sadly watched him, one thing came in my mind. I realised that we can never be the same forever. As we wear our uniform as Police men, let's understand that one day things will change for us just like the Prophet I saw" The officer added.

" The Prophet had sold his cars and houses just to cure himself but to no avail. Let's be guided and advised " The Police man advised in the video.

You can click on the link below to watch the video.

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