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Fact: 90% of every household in Kumasi has a bore hole

Water is life. Every household in Ghana must have their source of drinking water. Most houses in Ghana depend on water from Pipes, others depends on streams, rivers, rain water and bore holes.

Kumasi which is a business town and one of the fastest growing cities in Ghana had a lot of households. After an eye survey of parts of Kumasi and it's inner cities, it can be seen that almost every household has its own dug bore hole. Out of every ten house, it is likely to get a bore hole in all or maybe 9 of them. According to researches, building a bore hole is expensive and at the same time money saving. This is because, borehole is a life time project and when successfully made can supply water to the household for over 100 years. This has motivated many to dig boreholes in their houses and various communities to save them from costs and also to ensure constant supply of water to that community.

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