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Road Accident

Traffic Lights At IPT In Kumasi Have Not Been Working Many Months

Ghanaians have been wailing to have their roads constructed nationwide but after the construction of roads, they cry over speeding.

Nothing regulates speeding better off than traffic lights. It's been several months now, that the traffic lights at IPT on Sofoline - Abuakwa highways have been inactive. Residents, drivers and pedestrians are complaining for over 4 months and there haven't been any proper measures put in place to resolve the problem. The IPT traffic issue is the one I am writing about because I ply that road. I am not being biased though. There are several areas in the Ashanti Region whereby the traffic lights are not functioning. I on behalf of the residents at IPT and its environs plead to the City Authorities and the Highway Engineers to quickly turn in that direction to get the traffic functioning. Even today vehicles from three directions almost collided with each other.

I don't know about your end perhaps you are facing the same traffic issues, kindly bring it on board, Perhaps it will be attended to immediately. Thank you.

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