You Will Chew ‘Gari’ For A Very Long Time- Kofi Oduro To The Ladies Who Reject Broke Men.

Ladies of nowadays want everything settled, thus get a rich man with houses and cars. They don’t want to hustle with the man and make the money together. Most often you we see that ladies rejecting men proposals because they think these guys are broke and can’t not take care of them.

A Ghanaian pastor has sent a message to the ladies who have been rejecting men broke men because they don’t have money.

Pastor Dr. Kofi Oduro is a the founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministries, today at his ministry in church, he send a message to the ladies out there that, they will chew ‘gari’ for a very long time if they keep rejecting broke men instead of accepting and building life with them.

He said that ladies shouldn’t bump into future they didn’t contribute, so they should help the guys who are trying their best right now. And that all the great businessmen in Ghana today started small. But ladies in Ghana nowadays want the men who have made it already, making those who are trying feel like that have failed in life.

He advised the ladies to give broke men who are trying some time and they will build them houses and buy them the cars they desire.

“The church girl are looking for already made billionaires. Every successful man starts poor and humble. If you’re looking for a Mercedes Benz, a Range Rover, it will not happen. But give them time and favour and ideas will come together and one day they are gonna make it. Every great man that I know started humbly; Dr. Despite, Ernest Ofori Sarpong, Kennedy Agyapong, Ibrahim Mahama, Julius Debra Zoomlion and so on”

“So if men like this propose of you accept and stop rejecting them, you will chew ‘gari’ for a very long time. It will get to a time where your beauty is fading away, so now at that you have the time new responsive to these guys. Some girls can be bold enough to say, they don’t like masons, really?” Dr. Kofi Oduro said

Some ladies really make life of the some broke men very difficult, but if I may ask why will a broke man will want to date or marry? What will you eat?

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