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7 Nigerian Sakawa kingpins grabbed at Ashaiman; servers and laptops seized

The Financial Coordinated Wrongdoing Office's (EOCO), Hostile to Illegal exploitation Unit (AHTU) has captured seven thought digital fraudsters in a suburb of Ashaiman in the More prominent Accra Locale. assembles the suspects all Nigerians had set up a refined framework where they with Ghana's Web Convention address framework and participating in digital misrepresentation.

As per sources accessible to this site, the suspects all guys, prevailed with regards to grabbing around 21 partner Nigerians into the nation and set up camp them at a house in Ashaiman where these digital related exercises were continuous before the capture.

The suspects whose characters have been kept, are presently in guardianship and would be charged under the watchful eye of court on Monday, October 3, 2022.

The protected casualties are presently being held at an undisclosed area as per a source at the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana with endeavors in progress to localize them.

It has anyway been affirmed that the fundamental designer is in Nigeria and gets the returns of digital exercises after which he pays a few payments to his representatives matured between 18-35.

Security organizations have since held onto north of 20 PCs utilized in the tasks.

Somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2018, the nation lost over US$200 million to recorded cybercrime cases. As per the Ghana Police Administration, the greater part of these revealed cases were connected to extortion. Police additionally kept an expansion in digital wrongdoings in the country from 116 out of 2016 to 412 of every 2017 and further to 558 out of 2018.

The significant types of cybercrime were hacking, Mastercard extortion, programming robbery and digital fraud.


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