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Sad News: Man Nearly Lost His Eye Due At The Arise Ghana Demonstration Due To Unkown Cause

On the days of the Arise Ghana demonstration, a lot of people have already been hospitalised in various hospitals including police officers who received a lot of stone grows.

Among these people comes an old Ghanaian man knew not yet by name who has been hospitalised as well with a severe eye protruding out of its position due to the tear gas exploration.

The man did not explain what happened but you can see that one of his eyes has swollen. It seems like he was beaten in that particular eye because you can see that there are some cuts on that particular side of his eye. The man was overhead in the video saying that they are taking him to the nearby hospital for treatment.

The people asked the injured man what happened but he was in so much pain that he couldn't explain. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that this is what you get when you demonstrate for the opposition party. If they kill you, they kill you free.The link to the video has been posted below ;

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