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"He Asked Me To Undress After He Gave Me Amount Of 10,000 As Help Just In Return Of The Money."

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It is a terrible idea to take advantage of people because of their condition. Some people in this life tend to help others simply because they get something back. In this situation, blessing (not true name) seemed to have been found. The suspect identified as Mr Onuoha Odih was a very good friend and colleague to bless his father before he was sightless, according to Punch Newspaper. In Ijesa, in the State of Lagos, they worked both as security guards in a popular church.

After losing his eyes, the father of the blessing could no longer work because of his condition. Mr Odih, currently cooling his feet with the police, offered little money to help him. "I had to stay at home, so it was so difficult for us," she said, "my Dad lost his sight five or so years ago.

On the day that incident happened, two times when she went to collect the money that her dad sent to collect from him, the suspect had forcefully said that he had a chance. He made a transfer of 10,000 Naira according to her and asked her to retain 5,000 Naira. "I asked if he gave me that demand because of the 5k, and I told him to give me his account number." "I asked him to know.

She continued to say she had to give her money back, but this did not stop him from fulfilling his mission. "He did it and I immediately returned his money to him." "He took out a knife, locked the door immediately after he received the money and asked me to get rid of it."

A very sad moment, a sad story as well, what advice will you give to the young lady now?

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