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END TIME IS NEAR: See What This Lady Was Caught Doing With a Man in Public That Got People Angry

People often says the people who tend to hurt you are close by, rather than been far away.' This unfortunate incident occured at Mugoiri after a young man had suddenly disappeared at the care of his mother. He however pretended to go visit his grandparents at the village of Makuyu for days.

According to his mother, she alerted the police when she could not find her son who was missing for several days. She told an unknown caller that after two weeks she saw his son in the Muang lodging area.

They took action immediately, reporting to the police immediately and together they searched all around the town and was able to find him lodging with an elderly woman who is his mother's friend. Mrs Wathigieni who was the mother's best friend took them to the woman's house where the son camped in her home.

They were arrested and taken to a nearby police station, as shown in the photographs. The young man's mother was amazed to learn that his son spent many weeks with his friend, not knowing where to be if not for the good Samaritans who help uncover the truth.

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Makuyu Mugoiri Wathigieni


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