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Sad state of Saglemi housing: Ghanaians must force Akufo-Addo to take action.

We elect people into position of authority and power to give us solutions, and not to give excuses. That is why it is obnoxious to hear government and its officials give reason and upon reasons for the neglect of a laudable housing project like the Saglemi affordable housing.

It is also high time we told ourselves the truth devoid of any partisan colouration. Whether you are green or blue, you should know by that, the Saglemi housing project is long overdue.

No matter what wrong the former Mahama administration might have perpetrated in constructing these thousands of houses, the current Akufo Addo government has no excuse to abandon it.

Akufo Addo promises to be accountable to the people, which includes accepting all liabilities and assets of his predecessor. If there are corruptions related to the project for which the New Patriotic Party (NPP) cannot temper with it, the most reasonable thing to do is to investigate, arrest and prosecute any official of the past administration involved.

If it is an issue of financing, engineering, or priority, the government should simply make it clear to Ghanaians. Keeping the project to rot like what is happening now only speaks volumes of ill about the kind of leaders we have.

The minister for Works and Housing has released a long statement which speaks a lot about the abandoned houses, but says nothing.

Akufo Addo must personally take interest. The amount of taxpayers' money that has sunk into the project is huge. The only way we can make sense of the lost investment so far is to complete it.

No amount of justification or excuses by the NPP for abandoning these magnificent edifices will suffice.

On the part of Ghanaians, we are have been dorsal for long. What we must now do is to come together, at least on this one, to give government pressure in order to take action. We must not look on while our taxes are decipated in such wanton disregard. 

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