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My sister who is disabled was raped in the farm and got pregnant: A woman shared her sad story

A 52-year-old woman named Lardi has shared her sad story about how her sister was raped under a palm tree in their farm. According to the woman she came to visit her mother who was sick at Agogo Adinkra.Their neighbours told the mother that her 20-year-old daughter who is called Edina was pregnant.

At first they did not believe it because the girl is a disabled person, she is dumb and cannot even talk. So they went and bought pregnancy test kit to verify it and found out it was true that she was pregnant. They asked Edina about how she got pregnant and who was responsible. She made a sign to them saying that she was raped under a palm tree in their farm when she was going for firewood. But she did not identify the man who raped her.

During her pregnancy period, she fell sick and was admitted at the Agogo hospital. Edina spent about two months in the hospital. At that time they were not having money but fortunately a man called Kwabena helped them in paying all the bills. Edina gave birth in the house because they were not having money to send her to the hospital. Kwabena is the one who has been sending them money to cater for themselves.

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